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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keeping it Light...er

It's weigh day and I am fairly pleased to say I stopped the backsliding. I weighed in this morning at 299.6. It may not be a mind-blowing amount of progress, but it is something. Honestly, this is more along the lines of what I was expecting when I began this journey. It's better to drop steady, small amounts than huge, sudden weight dips anyway.

I have noticed something that I need to work on in the future, however. Because I work third shift I have a hard time with meals. I tend to eat heavily at every meal. My breakfast is dinner. My lunch is dinner. My dinner, if it happens, is either breakfast or lunch, but I eat like it is, well, dinner. And somehow I manage to throw in an entire fourth meal, since I don't sleep fully throughout the day like I would at night. I noticed this while I was looking through my food journal.

In a quick side note, I highly recommend a food journal to anyone who is watching their weight. Quite honestly I would recommend it to anyone. It has been illuminating. I started it for my nutritionist. I told her I wanted to do it to figure out when and why I was getting nausea spells, but really I felt the need to prove that I wasn't constantly eating. Whatever the reason, I've continued to do it because it is truly useful. It is also easier than I thought it would be. It has really helped me see trends in my eating and I've made a lot of improvements. If you choose to do it, I suggest starting simple. Enter the date, time, and a brief description of what you ate. I include any beverages that aren't water. As you get the hang of things, you can get more detailed and list, for example, how you prepared the meal and what else went in it, or how often you get hungry and how intense that hunger is. 

Ok, back on topic. I have made an effort, since yesterday, to try to eat at least one, if not two, lighter meals in my day. My first and second will most likely remain heavy as I am most hungry as I wake before work and during my lunch break. That means my early morning and midday meals will have to be less substantial. This is probably what I need to do anyway, as I am not doing a whole lot during the day to warrant eating a big meal. We'll see how this does added on to my list of "dietary restrictions," which so far I haven't had much trouble sticking to. 

I honestly thought that eating better would be a lot harder than I've found it to be. I admit I am a recovering slave to convenience. I thought I'd miss the fast food more, but I'm finding that I miss the quickness of it more than I miss the actual food. What little fast food I have had since the new year started has been really disappointing. Frankly, what I make for myself tastes better. I just have to get off my ass and make it. 

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