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Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in the Saddle

A word of warning: I have yet to see my bed at 3pm and I may be a little loopy from exhaustion.

I have a few things I want to talk about today, the first of which being a brief summary of week 2. Week 2 went badly. I didn't work out like I knew I should for one weak excuse or another. At the time each excuse seemed perfectly valid, but in the end it was all excuses nothing more, nothing less. While I stuck to the letter of my diet plan, I didn't really stick to the spirit of it. I ate a lot of red meat, everything was cooked in butter, and I ate a lot of bread. None of these is strictly forbidden in my plan, but neither is it particularly good for my cause. At the end of the week it showed. On Saturday morning I weighed in at 301.4. Now while this is by no means a disappointing number, as it is still a good 10 pounds lighter than my decided beginning weight, it does mark a backwards trend that I do not want to continue.

But with a new week comes a new resolution. My mother scoffed at my "reset day" saying I shouldn't wait for the week to end to renew my fervor, and she's right, but I need a clear line at which it is acceptable to let my failures go and start over. It's a mental hurdle; I work with it. I still didn't work this weekend due to a sheer lack of time and energy....okay, and also motivation. I very clearly need to find a weekend workout buddy. I have a few people in mind, and am also accepting volunteers. I get guests with my gym membership so you won't even have to worry about being a member. I'll get you in if you just get me there. Nevertheless, I did go in today and I did have a very productive workout. I feel kind of juiced about this week because so many people have told me they are following me and are proud of my accomplishments so far. You guys have no idea how much I value hearing that. It helps me immeasurably, believe it or not.

I went to the grocery store after my workout to buy some ingredients that I didn't have for fish head soup which I am making as I type. (I'm waiting for the fish head to cool a little so I can pull the meat off) While I was there I realized I have wicked cravings for carbs. I wanted so badly to pick up muffins, rolls, pastries, and, when I left the bakery section, chips. I mean these cravings were vicious! I was surprised I could want something so bad that I had no idea I wanted three minutes ago. Of course, I understand where they come from, and they are ultimately a good thing. It means my body is looking for something to burn and is trying to prompt me to go for the easy source. The trick is NOT going for the easy source. I was strong and didn't put anything in my cart I didn't need. When I left, I felt very proud of myself and my willpower.

Now I want to talk about boobs. My boobs, that is. And this is only because after I picked up groceries I stopped to get bras, which I needed because I've broken all of mine. I will be so happy if/when my band size comes down and I can purchase pretty bras. I'm tired of granny bras, which are the only ones that get the job done at the end of the day. You know what I mean(at least the ladies do). Big, sturdy material, thick straps, absolutely zero appeal. Pretty simply doesn't happen at my size, being superceded by functionality. I find myself wondering, as I have before, if my boobs will get smaller. Not that that would be bad, it's just that I kind of like my boobs as they are. I'd just like more attractive embellishments.

By the way, there is a surprising amount of meat in a fish head, in case your were wondering.

That may be all that was weighing on my mind. Even if it isn't I'm sure I've tested the limits of your attention span. I know I've tested the limits of mine! I'll let you know next time how the fish soup turned out. If it turns out well I'll post my recipe for anyone interested.

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