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Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Bye Week One

I went to the gym this morning under extreme protest. I'm glad I ended up going because I feel like I've accomplished something by going to the gym for 5 days in a row. I came really really close to just going home to bed this morning but my work friend, Shaleka, told me to keep up the momentum and just keep driving until I got to the gym. It was what I needed to hear. Thanks Shaleka. I can't say I worked very hard, but I went for my 30 minutes and kept my promise to myself. That's what's really important to me in this first week.

The first week in January is coming to a close. I think I did pretty well. I drank all my water. I went to the gym every day(excluding days I was traveling). I stuck to my meal plan, mostly, only slipping up on Sunday, but I replaced that with a vegetarian Tuesday. I only ate out 3 times, and only had 2 sodas. So far so good. I weigh myself for the first time tomorrow. I'm simultaneously nervous and excited about it.

I hate scales, as much for the number I see on them as for my own obsession with the number displayed on them. I could easily get addicted to weighing, which is why I have vowed not to step on my scale but once a week. I've already broken my vow, but like I said Saturday is my reset. Next week I'll try to control myself. But, you say, isn't weighing a good thing? Not when I begin obsessing over how quickly the number is going up or down or not. It isn't healthy when that obsessing begins effecting what I eat or don't in an unhealthy way. I've been down this path before and it gets ugly. Fast. So for my own sanity, once a week is all I'll allow myself, if I can stay that strong.  I don't believe for a second that I won't cave about mid-week, but c'est la vie.

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