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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Still Here!

And I'm still blogging. I'm sorry I haven't been giving the blog much attention lately. It's been a really off week for me. But I figured since I gave my blog address to no less than three people in the space of an hour I should probably pop in and play a little catch up.

I met with my nutritionist this morning. She went over my food journal and was all approval. While I have seen the results of my planning, and probably wouldn't have changed a whole lot even if she had told me I was doing everything backwards, it was nice to get a professional opinion. Even better is getting professional approval. The only thing she really suggested was a change to 1% milk. I'm skeptical of this change actually being made and I told her so. I love milk, and always have, but I like MILK. To me, anything below 2% is just opaque water. It takes all the enjoyment out of milk for me. I've tried before, and I'm game for trying again, I'm just not optimistic.

But let's see, what has happened this week? I actually went to work out on a Saturday, thanks to my friend who picked up the weekend buddy baton. He made it clear I was not to count on him as a regular, though. I was just glad to have the company and support. I had another friend offer for this Saturday but I will be traveling this weekend. As to that I've been trying to be better prepared to stick to my plan while on the road by looking up places where I might be able to get some healthy vegetarian options while in South Carolina for the Sunday drive home. The pickings down there, in case you wondered, are slim. I may wait until I get around Charlotte, since the choices there are more abundant. Back on subject. I fell a little behind on my water drinking for the first time in the new year, but I'm caught up now. I am noticing a marked improvement in my ability on the machines at the gym. My heart rates are dropping, even as I do the same amount of work. This is a very good thing, because in the end it doesn't matter what I weigh as long as I'm healthier. My sleep this week has been horrible, and it's really making me kind of scatterbrained. It's a big part of why I haven't been blogging with regularity. When I can't sleep, I can't seem to do much of anything else either. Today, however, is rainy and gloomy and perfect for cuddling up with my down comforter. Which I believe I shall go do now, as I've had a very busy morning.

Adieu, my friends, until I blog again!

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