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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Found Lacking

What is it that I lack you may ask? How about motivation. I seem to have used up my reserve. This is, in large part, specifically in relation to working out. I feel, at best, an ambivalence towards the whole gym thing. This does manage to get in the way of my goals. See I can't lose the weight without the gym. I can eat well all I like but that won't make a shred of difference if I don't stay active. I look at myself in the mirror daily and remind myself what the end goal here is. I remind myself that I want to be healthier. I remind myself that the gym is the price I have to pay. The pep talks, however, work less and less every time. SO I need to figure out how to bring back the momentum I had when I started. I'm thinking I need some kind of reward system. The trouble is coming up with a reward that isn't going to jeopardize my progress, because all the rewards I have thought up so far have been food based. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to contribute.

Other than that, I am happy to report that my funk from last week seems to be over, for which I am overjoyed. Also, in spite of my funky, less than productive week I still managed to slim down by a pound or so. I had fully expected to have gained because I only worked out a couple of times last week. My challenge for today: go to the gym after overtime. I used overtime as an excuse yesterday, but no more! I cannot allow gaining my money to interfere with gaining my health.

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  1. rewards you can use are buying yourself something minor like new workout clothes, your hair done, nails done little things like that.. If you have any hobbies that you can use as incentive to keep working to your goal.. I personally have started putting a dollar away per pound that I lose a week.