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Friday, February 25, 2011

And Today's Excuse:

There are some days where the cosmos is screaming at you, "don't push it!" Today is one of those days. It started out innocently enough. I awoke early (having foregone work yesterday evening due to illness) with the intent of getting my car inspected so I can renew my registration. I arrived at 8am only to be told that it would be practically half a days wait and it would be better to come back tomorrow. So I drove back home where I kept forgetting why I walked into various rooms. The wind blew out my window screen and I feared my cat fell out the window (I found her just now, she did not fall out the window, but was spooked by all the wind and was in hiding). I debated for about two hours or so if I should go to the grocery store. It meant driving across town to the Whole Foods because I wanted a very specific cereal which is pretty much just sold there and some organic milk. After deciding it would be worth the drive to satisfy my craving I got in my car and was almost immediately hit by another driver. I mean I got maybe a mile from home. I'm still marveling at the fact that I managed to drive 12 years without an accident and have had two in the last three months. This one was not my fault, thank goodness. Anyway, after dealing with that I was determined to get the stupid cereal that drove me out of the house in the first place. I managed to maintain enough spirit to set up a mild flirtation with the very tall, very cute cashier, then I returned home. And after getting all my groceries settled I tripped upstairs and managed to skin my knees hard enough to draw blood.

So I am not leaving the house today, because clearly the universe has it out for me. I mean I bloodied myself on my own stairs. I am very clearly meant to spend the rest of today in bed and try again tomorrow.

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