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Friday, March 11, 2011

This Wagon is Clearly Unsafe.

I keep falling off it. Someone should look into that. I spent half of my week eating very very badly. Oh, technically, I never deviated from my plan. But everything I ate, at least the first half of the week, was either fried or baked. Oh, no, not the good "baked" as in chicken. I mean "baked" as in goods. As in before it was baked it was batter. I've been in the grips of a relentless sweet tooth. It seemed, as is often the case with sugar, that the more I gave in, the more I wanted. I would then feel horribly guilty and try to compensate by NOT eating anything. This, I know, is perhaps the least healthy of all the ways I could handle this situation. Starvation is never the answer....and it makes me cranky. About midweek I made a serious effort to curb this trend. I was successful in purging the fried foods, but I was weak when it came to the baked goods. I managed to walk away from an entire booth of yummies at the farmer's market today, so the sweets might be on their way out the door. We'll see how badly my slip has effected me when I weigh tomorrow morning.

I've been good about my working out. I didn't really slack this week, with the exception of today. I opted not to go this morning because I was exhausted. I still am. I never got to sleep, so in retrospect I should have just gone when I got off work as usual. Even if I did a slack "I'm tired" workout, it's better than none at all. I borrowed a Billy Blanks DVD that hasn't moved from my table, where I placed it after I borrowed it. Correction: it is now on the floor where my cats knocked it over. I'll get to it, I'm just intimidated. I've done a Tae Bo workout before and it about killed me. I'm giving serious thought to purchasing a similar "system" I saw on an infomercial. It comes with several DVDs and any other tools needed to successfully complete the program. The program, called Turbo Fire, focuses on dancing and looks somewhat "fun" as much as working out can be. It also looks a little intimidating, but if I pay for it I will have the incentive to at least give all the DVDs a try. The "before and after" pictures were impressive. If anyone has tried the Turbo Fire system let me know how it worked for you, or what you thought of it.

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