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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I entered a fitness competition.  I have  eight weeks to lose as much as possible.  The competition is run but Herbalife, but I see an opportunity to push myself back into the healthy lifestyle I had attained. I weighed myself today and lost a pound which ain't nothin' but it's also not enough.  I originally signed up because my friend is doing it and I figured I could at least use it as motivation to hop back on the health train. Now I want to win. I need to at least give it my all.

Long story short I have gained all but 20 of my lost pounds back. I feel like everything in my life has spiraled out of  control. I no longer even pretend like I'm living a healthy life. I'm not sure when this slide started but it has to stop and it has to stop today. I've never been a sit and wait kind of girl,  so why do I keep waiting on a perfect moment of readiness to change?  The truth is there is no perfect moment. There is no switch that flips off the urge to eat cookies and drink soda and take a nap instead of a walk.  Jump starts require an electric jolt and a sudden change and a little bit of pain too.  If it were easy everyone would do it. If it were fun it wouldn't be so hard. 

I have a new motto: don't make excuses,  make changes. 

So right this moment I'm making a change.  I'm taking a walk instead of a nap.  And I'm not waiting for any perfect moments to do it.

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