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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aaaaand BREAK!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a limited attention span. It's a shortcoming I've identified and try to work with. I've discovered over the years that I'm just not good at the long haul. I lose interest, become easily distracted, and eventually completely jump tracks and head off to do something else. As a way to prevent a potential derailing, I utilize the "take a break" concept. It works for me. When I get that, God-if-I-have-to-get-up-and-do-this-one-more-day-I-may-scream feeling I take a break. I do it at work. I used to do it at school. Now I've applied it to my "living healthy" regimen as well. I mean, I've done good. I've been relentlessly pursuing weight loss for the last four months non-stop. That is a personal best for me. I don't think I've done anything but breathe for four months straight before. And I have 30 pounds to show for it; or rather to NOT show for it. But I ran out of steam. The idea of going to work out on Monday literally made me sit on the floor. I'm not even joking. So I decided to give myself a rest week. It's an exercise hiatus. It's a vacation for sanity. I've already decided that any backsliding will be dealt with next week and accepted as a reasonable consequence of my health holiday. I'm at least attempting to maintain my eating schedule, although I've made some really poor choices, thus far. But that, too, I've decided to let go. I'll give myself a week of indulgences and start fresh next week. This is not to say I'll be diving face first into any chocolate mousse or consuming whole gallons of ice cream anytime soon, but if I happen to allow myself a few things I've been denied, so be it. I'm also taking this opportunity to catch up on some sleep, as I've been totally knocked out pretty much all week. This is good. I may have mentioned it before, but I don't sleep nearly as much as I need to. I'm already beginning to feel ghosts of the urge to hit the gym, something I never thought I'd feel much less commit to print. I think this break is going to be just what I need to revitalize my flagging enthusiasm.

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