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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crash, No Burn

So unless stress, fear and general anxiety burn calories, I've had a pretty crappy morning on the weight loss front. I had plans, big plans, to fight all my urges to go to bed and work out for a full hour anyway. I was on my way to the gym when all my plans came crashing down. This was in large part due to the fact that I went crashing into another driver.

This is the first crash I've ever been in where I'm at fault. It felt horrible and I hope never to repeat it. Ever. The road I was traveling on ran due east, straight into the rising sun. I was coming up on a stoplight and was pretty much so focused on trying to figure out if the light was red or not. I only realized it was red because I realized the car in front of me was no longer moving forward. I hit my brakes and tried to turn, but discovered turning doesn't work so well when you're skidding more than stopping. I ended up rear ending him with all the force of a vindictive bumper car. In the end I was okay, he was okay, and the cars were barely damaged, at least as far as I could tell. The worst damage I suffered was shaking for 15 minutes and possibly running another red light on my way home(I'm really not sure). After I stopped shaking I cried. After I stopped crying I called my insurance agent. After I got off the phone with him I was just plain tired of dealing, so I decided to write about it, hoping it will relieve some of whatever this is that I'm feeling. I keep alternating between totally wired and completely drained so I'm not sure what I'm doing next. I can tell you one thing, though.

Whatever I choose to do next will not be in my car.

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